Ahhh this weather!
Its not hot, its not cold. Its chilly. It feels like fall and it couldn’t be better.
Day 2/100 #100happydays

  • Superman: I still can't believe they shot at me.
  • Batman: Clark, you're bulletproof

Decided to try this 100 happy days thing. It really shouldn’t be a challenge. 😊
Watching The Vampire Diaries. The week off begins. 1/100 #100happydays

Handed it in with “FML” instead of “FM”…. oh WOW. Leave it to me… 😂😒

Like this & i will follow you on my new blog.

we are truly only friends if we can quote how i met your mother and talk about batman and bands


my new siamese kitten came inside for the first time today

Good reads and stuff

Good reads and stuff

Gourmet college student dinner

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