She ain’t into wine and dining.
She’s shooting whiskey singing sweet child of mine, man.
Riding 95 sitting’ shot gun pretty,
Turning this town into paradise city.

Holy shit. I only have one month left at home…..

I think I have to wake up at 5 am 10 times in the next.. Month. Exactly a month. 


I wish I lost weight as fast as I lose followers ba dum tssss

July 19, 1982

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Dean: You’re a hunter in training, remember?
Castiel: Yes, I remember. You said I sucked.

[You can practically just feel the hurt coming from Castiel.]

#TruckTuesday Yes Im on a spam right now. Sue meee.

#TruckTuesday #WantThisOneToo

#TruckTuesday #Want



country music seriously has the best music videos

Said no one ever

Said me? So im no one? :(

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