And for the first time tgey both tell me the same thing

Did you know that right now, I can’t sleep? Last night was difficult too. I’m almost certain that I will have trouble tomorrow too. And you know why? Because even as my tired eyes struggle to blink because they can barely stay open I know something. I know that I could close my eyes for 5 minutes and probably fall asleep but you know what that would mean? 5 minutes less of remembering what it felt like with your hand on my lower back, tracing circles and kissing my forehead. 5 minutes less of remembering your voice tell me your smile is because of me, when I asked you why. 5 minutes of remembering that 3am look in your eyes when all we wanted to do was sleep but we knew that we didn’t have much time, and if we were asleep, then I wouldn’t have anything to write. And that would be one less memory. Truth is? Even though we barely slept that night, if I could go back to that, I wouldn’t sleep at all. And I would have more of that night to remember. You know what else gets me? Your arms that you wrapped around me, easily at 7am every morning, are nowhere in reach and they wont be tomorrow morning either. Oh if only time were a thing we didn’t take for granted. That’s our biggest problem. We always acted like we had time. We always act like there will be a next time. And now all I can think about is our last kiss. I wish I would have kissed you longer, but either way. That kiss still lingers on my lips. And I don’t even mind.
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